My Transition Into High School Research Paper

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Former British leader Winston Churchill once stated, “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” As a young thirteen-year-old graduating from the eighth grade, Churchill’s quote would have had very little significance in my life; however, as a senior in high school, this quote has a newfound meaning. This change in perspective resulted from a failure throughout my transition into high school, which opened my eyes and allowed me to grow into a better individual.
Similar to all of mankind, I have experienced many failures; however, no failure has impacted my life more than the one that occurred throughout my transition into high school. Before entering a private high school, I had received my early education from public schooling. Throughout my time in a public elementary and middle school, my thirst for knowledge was quenched and I had excelled in all of my classes. As middle school was ending, my family and I searched for a high school education that would continue to quench my thirst for knowledge; however, the public high school in my area did not meet my expectations for education. As
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Having done academically well all throughout middle school, I felt confident that I had done well on the exam. Conversely, the results, from my perspective, were devastating. I was completely and absolutely crushed. Though I understood that the transition into high school would be difficult, I had not considered my disadvantage of coming from a public school. This academic failure had shattered the world as I had known it, but it also opened up my eyes to an even bigger picture. This failure revealed my need to work even harder than I did before. I was not going to allow one adversity to tear me down and destroy my dreams. Therefore, I spent more time on school work, developed new studying habits, and stayed after school to acquire help from
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