My Trip To Miami

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I was born in Hartford, Connecticut and at the age of 3 years old, my parents decided to move to South Florida where I spent the majority of my childhood and adult life. While growing up in the Sunshine State I noticed the community I lived in was melting pot. There were people all over the globe, who lived in my community. There were people Asian, Jamaican, Haitian, and Cuban just to name a few. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida fifty minutes away from Miami. My city was very diverse and I really enjoyed and appreciated living in a mixed community. My parents would take frequent trips to visit my relatives who lived in Miami. One of the relatives I would visit would be my uncle who lived near Little Havana in Miami-Dade, …show more content…

In fact, it is the largest U.S. city with a Cuban-American plurality. As of 2012, there were 1.2 million Cubans in greater Miami. There are many similarities between Havana and Miami-Dade. The Hispanic culture permeates throughout Little Havana, Miami. There are so many things to remind you of Havana in Little Havana, Miami. From colorful murals of lifestyle of Cubans to monuments of local heroes along with heroes from Havana past and present. In the park, elderly men can be found playing a friendly game of dominoes (a very popular game played in the parks or street corners of Havana, Cuba). These scenes of daily life in Little Havana play out amidst a backdrop of pulsating traditional Cuban music, storefronts, and art exhibits in Miami/Miami-Dade. I . I did notice a difference between the two cities and it revolved around the political process of electing officials. While I was researching information on Havana I read that in Havana there is no consideration for the ideal of an democracy. No political party such a Republican, Democrat, or Independent is permitted to campaign or endorse …show more content…

The purpose overall purpose of the city ideal of going green is to improve resources which will prevent harm to the natural environment along with protecting human health. This will eventually lead to the increase of social, economic, and environmental well-being of the Miami/Miami Dade community for present and future generations. Researchers believe with this suitable plan for various areas to become green business with greening business operations it will include an increase in the cleaning costs of 15-30% savings on cleaning costs, 35% in energy savings, and 20-60% in water savings The adoption and implementation of a sustainability plan will provide short- term and long-term benefits to government operations and the community. Short-term benefits include decreased energy costs; improved alternative transportation and mobility; increased diverted solid waste diverted from the landfill; improved urban forest and local air quality; and increased environmental awareness and stewardship. Long-term benefits are numerous and include reducing the city’s carbon footprint; reducing potential risks and

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