My Understanding Of Effective Learning

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I believe that Benjamin Franklin could not have said it any better, when he wrote: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” My belief on effective learning has been influenced through carefully studying different theorists and practices in EDN221. As future educators, we should all have the same goal; in helping students reach their potential by providing an effective learning experience which caters for student diversity, by creating a positive learner-centred environment that promotes their success and nurtures their individual desires to learn. My understanding of effective learning is developed from the social constructivist theory, which focuses on the role of social interaction and on the impact of sociocultural factors on our ability to process information cognitively (Rogoff, 1998). There are four key principles that uniquely represent a constructivist approach: Learners are active participants in learning, learners are self-regulated, social interaction is necessary for effective learning, and learners’ knowledge may be relative, since learners construct their own meaning, which depends on individual factors such as prior knowledge and sociocultural context (Duchesne, 2013). When implementing a social constructivist theory in order to help students learn effectively, it is important to recognising the diversity of students in the classroom and adapting your teaching by using a variety of teaching methods, resources and
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