Constructivism And The Learning Theory

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Transfer of Learning: Constructivism
Constructivism is the learning theory that focuses on observation by acquiring data and thereafter reexamining, altering, and updating information to be useful in the present time. Humans process experiences, knowledge, and conception of life based on their impressions of their past. As individuals experience an unfamiliar event, they will attempt to integrate it with their knowledge and past, therefore replacing old outdated or incorrect data with new more pertinent information (Kerka, 1997). This learning theory states that learning is an ongoing process and not about merely comprehending available data without questioning, processing, and updating previously learned information (Allen, 2005). “Constructivism does not propound that learning principles exist and are to be discovered and tested, but rather that learners create their own learning” (Schunk, 2012, p. 230). This presentation aims to relate to explain the constructivism and describe how this learning theory can be generalized to the workplace.
Teachers can effectively use this learning theory by placing the responsibility of learning upon the students by leading them to reach their own conclusions by translating information themselves by questioning and challenging them rather than lecturing or preaching information. Teaching based on constructivism focuses more on bringing concepts and ideas to light, ensuring the comprehension of the material rather than merely listening…
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