My Understanding Of The Social Work Profession Is To Help

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My understanding of the social work profession is to help communities, youth, families, groups and individuals who face inequality and hardships so that they can see the positive possibilities life has to offer. I faced similar hardships growing up therefore, I strive to empower people who need to have their voice heard and bring social justice to America. My dream is to make a difference by helping create a society that provides robust opportunities to anyone that may be disadvantaged. I would like to obtain my Masters of Social Work by influencing others and helping them to succeed in life.
My past human service experience are relevant because during my time at Michigan State University, as an undergraduate student, I was able to take …show more content…

One of the most difficult situations I have faced is my mother passing away when I was only twelve years old. Shortly after, my father along with three of my siblings were deported back to Mexico. I faced many hardships soon after including, watching one of my sisters hit a downward spiral, living alone on the streets, watching friends in the same predicament struggle to survive. My personal background has helped motivate me by showing my own ability to be resilient and grow from change. Therefore, I hope to have others avoid the circumstances I endured.
While homeless, I had a friend that made a positive impact in my life. He was the oldest sibling of three and relied on an unstable parent with drug addiction issues. My friend was unable to attend school because his siblings were not old enough to take care of themselves. His only foreseeable option was to earn money illegally. This lifestyle caused him to be a repeat offender the juvenile system. Ultimately, his mother passed from an overdose and his siblings were sent to foster care. Unfortunately, he was killed at the early age of sixteen, not even being able to experience a full life. I am confident that if he knew there were resources available, in order to help himself and his family, he would have made the changes that would have saved his life. The events of my friend’s life and the sad outcome

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