My Unofficial Job As A Lane Family Roller Coaster Fanatic

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I’m sure you’ve heard stories about people losing their phone, hats, wallets, and other valuables on rollercoasters right? This isn’t a death or decapitation story or anything; it’s actually a miracle story… more or less. One summer, the Lane family planned to go to Six Flags. I was probably in third grade. We were (or at least I was) absolutely ecstatic! I love roller coasters with all my heart! The rush and the drops that turn your stomach into jelly are simply breathtaking! When you go to Six Flags over Georgia, or any other amusement park, your goal should be to get to the gate as early as possible in order to get to the best rides before anyone else does. The experience is even better if you can ride the best one multiple times. My unofficial job as a Lane family roller coaster fanatic is to set up the schedule for the day, especially because I am the youngest in the family. Our first priority was the Goliath. All that came between us and the main event was one hill and a left turn. As we headed down the path to our destination, I couldn’t help but think about how much FUN we were about to have. It was about 10 am. The crowds will start filling the empty gaps in the park at any time now. I became truly excited when I began to think about the rush I might get when gliding down the first enormous drop. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that someone thought up the idea of having entertainment you can ride that’s bigger than the eye can see. Suddenly, my

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