My Vacation

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Could the day become any worse? One afternoon, my grandmother was looking for houses, I wanted to go to the mall before 8 because there a huge sale. Suddenly the car started to make disturbing noises, when we stopped at the stoplight the car cut off and begun to overheat! The mall was already about to close and the car was steaming! So we decided to relax and turn the radio on. My favorite song came on and the man on the radio offered $200,000 to the first caller, we called and won the money! My aunt and I called my grandmother to tell her the amazing news, she said “ this would be the perfect time to go on vacation!” so my family decided we would like to travel within the united states and while there, we would visit the cities of New York City, Hollywood, and Miami.

The first city my family will visit is New York City! When my family and I arrive we will check into a room at the Plaza Hotel. I will take my sister and little cousin on the balcony to see the beautiful view! Kinslea my sister will be ecstatic when she sees the lights from the huge towers and shops above us. Soon later, my family and I will go to time square to see all of the unique shops, I will purchase a few outfits for the trip. When we return back to our room we will dress up for supper at the view on the 48th floor, we will relax and watch the alluring view of the city as we revolve around and enjoy our meal. I will order my favorite food steak! When we arrive back to the room I will slip

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