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It was with ecstatic delight and tears of joy that I realized I was finally getting the chance to move to the United States. I had secretly admired and hoped to live in America. Residing in the United States was pinned on my mind as the best life that one can have in the world. But my main idea behind the admiration of living in the United States was motivated by my desire to achieve academic excellence. My goal was set, and my mind was fixed with sheer enthusiasm to attain the target. Since birth, the Arabic language was my primary and only language. Considering that I had only two weeks before coming to the United States, communication was bound to be problematic. I knew nothing about talking English. It was a mountain of thorns I was …show more content…

Samir, my young cousin, came to me and pinched my hand, probably wanting me to play with him and the dog and guess what my reply was. "Thank you." That incidence formed the basis of talk that evening when my uncle and aunt came home. In fact, up to today, my cousin Samir still calls me “Thank you.” To create more banter out of it, he translated the phrase into Arabic, so my nickname is Shukraan.
After close to two months in school, I was not doing well at all. I was used to memorization classes in Saudi Arabia where most of the studies were about Islam. This was an entirely different language. English was a different animal that I had to learn how to deal with. The instructors at school would talk about sentence structures, subject, object, nouns, verbs, adverbs and more confusing "a marriage of noun and a verb." I could not understand what was happening. I was the last in the continuous assessment that we had just done. I was never accustomed to being the last in anything. In Saudi Arabia, I was always disappointed to become second in class. I always wanted to be first. I had to be first in this class also. My goal was set to be first in the class.
My salvation in learning came in an unexpected form. My aunt felt irresponsible that she could not communicate with me effectively. She found a solution to help us communicate when my uncle was not around. She came up with a rather tedious but working method. She would

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