My Vision At Centipede Soccer

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Overview My vision this summer came alive with the help of the Kokomo YMCA, when I was granted the opportunity to coach Centipede Soccer. Centipede Soccer is the perfect introduction to the game of soccer for children of the ages 3-5. The mission of this program is that the children will learn the fundamentals of the game in a non-competitive atmosphere, while working on motor skills, coordination and listening skills. The benefits of the Y’s youth sports programs for the little ones are big both on and off the field. My role as the coach was to find fun ways to make this a great first time soccer experience for all the children by showcasing the different skills and objectives of the game but also advocating new skills to maintain a…show more content…
My first and probably most important duty as a coach to this younger age group was to make all activities fun and easy to understand, but to also think about safety and the well-being of all my players. Because this was many of the team’s first soccer experience, going over the proper equipment was key to do to ensure they were all protected with the right shoes and shin guards. While watching the first few practices and games, it was becoming clear to see which areas needed the most amount of work on and picking up on these things are vital to plan creative drills that will improve each skill. All of my hard work with planning the lessons for the day to creating a positive environment for the children to learn and thrive follows right along with the mission of Centipede Soccer by instilling the importance of teamwork. Objectives. Within this Sport and Fitness Internship, it was my agreement to coach a minimum of 40 hours at Darrough Chapel Park through a partnership with the Kokomo YMCA’s Soccer Program. This permitted me the chance to put all my knowledge and skills to the test, whether it was being recalled from my soccer experience growing up or getting the first hand feel of how to apply what I have learned from my courses at IU Kokomo University in the past semesters. Regardless of which method gave me better insight on coaching, this internship has become a stepping stone in showcasing my efforts don’t go unnoticed and that I am going to do great things
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