My Wife Is Not A Keen Road Traveler, But She Endures The

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My wife is not a keen road traveler, but she endures the road because of the destination. For example, the thought of spending some much-needed rest at the beach is worth the trip. In situations, like these we do not think of the journey but what awaits us at the end of the journey. Life is a journey that takes us to one of two destinations and even though the journey maybe challenging at times for believers, we know what awaits us at the end of this journey. Our text today teaches us that the destination is worth the journey. Revelations 21:1-5 reassures us that despite all the challenges and trials we face in life, there is a better life awaiting us. It’s a text that gives us hope and keeps us going when the going is though. It’s a text…show more content…
This universe we live in would be no more because it has been marred with sin, causing sickness, violence, natural disasters, suffering and death. I am sure you would agree that we live in a messed-up world, but there is good news. John says it will be passed away and God will create a new universe but the time has not yet come, In the meantime, we are in transition.
This new heaven and earth will be our eternal home. Sorry folks, but we are not going to live in heaven forever. Man’s eternal destiny is on earth. We will one day return to God’s original plan. Imagine living with no sickness, no suffering, no violence, no natural disasters and no death. That’s the life that’s awaiting all who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ. Notice what John said also, “there is no longer any sea.” Why is this significant? The ocean covers more than 70 percent of earth’s surface, that’s a lot of water that would be no more. But that’s not all, John lived in exile on the island of Patmos at the time of writing. He was separated from his church family by the Aegean Sea. Think about it, the sea is a barrier that isolates us from others. (When I first came to the US I used to dream of driving back to St. Vincent only to wake up realizing I was still in FL). The sea is considered a watery grave for many. Think of the Titanic and the hundreds of people who lost their lives in the oceans on that dreadful night. Think of the numerous
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