My Worst Birthday

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This is the story of my worst birthday ever. Lots of my friends came and everything started getting crazy because of how many friends I had to introduce to each other. But the good part was that everyone got along easily and there was no real chaos. I started getting even more excited when it was an hour until pool part of the party started even though one hour was a long time away. So far it was being celebrated in the clubhouse and underneath it was the gym. Luckily, no one was in the gym so we started playing in there and eating chips, pizza, juice, water, or soda in there. There were also some boys (bleh) that my mom just had to invite, so me and my friends kicked them out and started playing down there while the boys whined and were crybabies(okay the cry baby part is not true, but they definitely did whine). One of my friends who couldn’t come came to just drop of my present. She stayed for about ten minutes and then left speaking in a language that was all greek to me. Well technically it was Russian even though she was Korean.

A few minutes after she left, we started playing pin the tail on any boy and then kick him in the shin .It was very fun. We laughed at the boys and they were also way too scared to tell on us. Now, though, what I did to the boys does seem pretty harsh, but I didn’t kick them too hard, so I really don’t care. Mainly because one of the boys had punched me in the stomach before. After a few minutes the game ended, and then my mom decided to tell

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