Myself At The Age Of 11

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“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” – Malala Yousafzai Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. It is not about title, position, or even age. In this paper I compare myself to a young lady, Malala Yousafzia, because in today’s world, to me she stands out as a leader of change. Malala Yousafzai began her quest campaigning for girls’ education at the age of 11. This was three years before she was shot by the Taliban, a target of their anger because of her efforts to expose the injustice there were imposing on her community. Since then, her voice and vison have continued to motivate other women, leaders and corporations from around the world. The Nobel Peace Prize she received in 2014 exemplifies the leadership role she has taken on at such a young age. For me, she represents a modern day Anne Frank-like figure that defies terror, shows extraordinary courage and inspires hope. Malala’s leadership has ignited a global movement of girls who are standing up to speak for themselves. She has set the foundation for the discussion and inspired the world and its leaders to take action. I admire this about her but above all else, I admire that her vision is selfless and illustrates the core of her fundamental beliefs. It is evident to me that her fight stands out because of her command of the Greek Elements of Oratory. Malala’s ethos is that she is a girl speaking for herself. She has lived through what she is fighting for in the face of exceptional
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