Mythical Archetype: the Trickster and Pirates of the Caribbean

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Mythic archetypes are not something people usually stop to think about and relate to while watching a movie, but when I was assigned to write this assignment and finally figured out what a mythic archetype was and did some research on some of the examples I was given I found one that I could easily point out in a movie, the Trickster. The movie I found that had a thematic significance connecting with the trickster was Pirates of the Caribbean, and the trickster being one of the main characters, Jack Sparrow. The mythic archetype, the trickster is known to break the rules of the gods or nature, sometimes maliciously but usually with ultimately positive effects; though the trickster's initial intentions may have been either positive or …show more content…

Another reason I felt that Jack Sparrow’s character portrayed the trickster so much was that, the Greek deity, Hermes, is one of classical mythology’s examples of a trickster. From birth Hermes was known for playing tricks, by nighttime on his birthday he had stolen and hidden all of Apollo’s cattle. And when Apollo encountered Hermes about he denied it. Finally after Hermes finally admitted it Apollo and him become friends, with a strong bond that could not be broken

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