Myths And Tales Like The Coyote Who Free The Moon Or How People Come Into The Earth

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In Native American culture, the most common way to share traditions about their culture was through storytelling from one generation from another. This is how they kept their culture alive long before the inventions of the written communications or computers to keep records. One of many storytelling was the use of various myths and tales where they tell origin stories about the why the way certain are and how it becomes. Myths and tales like the coyote who free the moon or how people come into the earth. By looking into some of these myths and tales that are in the American Religious Diversity volume one book, it will explore the Native Americans understanding about the sacred world and their relationship to that sacred world. Also looking at the noticeable differences between how these myths differ from different tribes like the Plains Indians to Woodland Indians to Pueblo Indians and to the Costal California Indians. Exploring the different stories will hopefully reveal a lot about the Native American culture and their standing traditions. Throughout the book, there are a variety of stories told from Native Americans in which they all examples about their lives and culture. With a strong tie to the environment and how they treat it, they have a sacred connection to nature and the afterlife. They believe that everything has a reason of why they become like in many of the stories of the coyote. The coyote is view as the trickster like in other myths like Loki, Anansi,
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