Myths on Cosmic Creation

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The following are inclusive in creation myths, the first is the Zulu myth found in the continent of Africa, and the other is the myth of Norse originating from Europe. Both myths give a reason as to how creation was formed on earth. Though there are endless amounts of ideas and vast amounts of myths to explore, the focus of these two particular myths brings fascination to a social phenomenon.
The cycle of creation in the Zulu myth is as follows in the in-text citation (“Zulu Creation”, 2011): Darkness was in the beginning accompanied by a large seed. The seed fell from heaven and the seed produced reeds that grew called Uthlanga. One seed in particular grew into a man and his named Unkulunkulu. He grew so large and heavy that he broke off and fell to earth. As he fell, he walked earth with a purpose to grow other seeds into male and female. Outside of humans, Unkulunkulu created animals, mountains, lakes, and the sun and moon. He taught female and male how to survive by imparting agriculture to grow things, how to hunt, and make fire. Unkulunkulu sent a chameleon into the world with the message that his people will live forever. As this animal took too long, his impatience grew and a lizard sent out a message of death completing the circle of birth to death.
The introduction of creation in the Norse myth is as follows from the in-text citation…
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