NFL Characters

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The first section of the NFL Characters Unit covers NFL player Hines Ward and his actions to help a young teen named Carlton Dennis. Carlton felt alienated from his fellow students and was bullied for being different. Hines use of music to help Carlton reduce the disconnect between Carlton and his fellow students was very surprising to me. It showed the real power music has to bring people together. Carlton’s love of music gave him the strength to help bridge the gap between himself and other like-minded students. I also found it interesting how they sang about their city and how it is not as bad as it seems, and this appeared to also connect Carlton to his fellow classmates. Throughout the video it felt good to see Carlton get the help he needed to deal with his problems. The second section was about NFL player Jimmy Graham and what he did to help Astin Randall. It was sad at the beginning of this section to hear about the struggles both men had forced upon them, and how people labeled them for it. To see how they had no choice in what happened to them was almost heartbreaking. Although it started off sad, as …show more content…

It was shocking to learn how both of these guys had to suffer racism based bullying at such young ages. Being bullied by classmates resulted in such a significant effect on Jonathan’s life. It was incredibly depressing to hear how Jonathan felt the only way to keep from getting bullied was to stay inside his home and isolate himself from everyone outside. Even after moving to a new school, Jonathan feared that the bullying would eventually start again. With Tony’s help, Jonathan was able to overcome one fear, the fear of heights, which gave him the inner strength to begin his battle to overcome his fear that the past will repeat itself. It was good to hear at the end that Jonathan was determined to get back out into the

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