NICU Nursing Reflection

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Working in a neonatal intensive care unit has been a learning experience filled with a roller coaster of emotions. So many emotions have passed over me through different situations that I have encountered in my three years of working in this type of unit. When I first began my journey in becoming a NICU nurse I was exposed to many things that a registered nurse may not encounter unless they are in an intensive care unit setting. For example, I needed to learn to work with ventilators, medication drips, everyday use of an Ambu-bag and all this with premature babies nonetheless. I have learned that bio-reactions are an automatic signal in our brains which determines how our body will react in certain situations. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss three personal experiences of my personal bio-reactions. I want to recall a particular incident that occurred very early in my journey to becoming a NICU nurse. It was not long after orientation, I was no longer working with my preceptor and I was on my own caring for these tiny humans. I have the responsibility of total patient care, including their airway, especially if a respiratory therapist is unavailable. In our unit, one can feel quite overwhelmed as it is large and there are always monitors beeping for different reasons. We have multiple staff around including fellows, residents, respiratory therapist and of course there are always parents and relatives on the unit since there are no restricted hours. That day
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