Najmah's Silence Analysis

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(AGG) Living life as a girl in Kunduz is hard enough, but living life with no family members and not being able to speak and have a say in life is even harder. (BS-1) Najmah’s silence is caused from the lose of her mother and baby brother, and how she was left to live alone in Kunduz. (BS-2) Najmah realizes that her family members are the most important people in her life, so she starts to develop a focuses on a hope of recovery to find them. (BS-3) When Najmah met Nusrat, she regained her voice and finally took control back into her life because she trusted Nusrat. (TS) Najmah tries to regain hope by trying to speak but words will not come out of her mouth because she has lost her voice literally and in a way where she has no control or …show more content…

After this unbelievable event, Najmah was showing no emotions. All she was doing was sitting in the dirt, thinking about what happened. “It's the first I am aware I can hear again, and I notice that a bitter chill has settled in the early evening air. I do not run or try to hide. I don’t care whether the Taliban find me and kill me”(83). Najmah starts to lose hope for everything and doesn't even care what happens in the future. (SIP-B) Najmah experiencing these traumatic events, that put her in literal loss of voice, lead her to have no control in her life anymore. (STEWE-1) After the death of Najmah's mother and baby brother, she was left alone until her neighbors, Akhtar and Khalida, offered to help her survive and find her father and brother. In order for Najmah to survive all the way to Torkham, she had to cut her hair like a boy. “Khalida gently turns my face back toward her and holds out my long hair to the sides of my face. She picks up a pair of scissors that lies on the pile of quilts and snips at my hair in short stocks until it bristles out all over my head. When she finished, she and Akhtar gather up my hair. They sprinkle it into the large hole Akhtar dug in the ground and then he fills the hole with dirt”(84). Najmah is still in total shock and hopeless and she doesn't know what is best to do, so she just listens to Khalida and Akhtar. (STEWE-2) Once they cut her hair and were ready to start their journey, Najmah realizes that she will

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