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When first looking at the Chronicle of the French Occupation, it looks as if it is merely a depiction of Napoleon's time in Egypt, however there is much more to this article than meets the eye. The article being written by an Egyptian and not a European provides an alternative viewpoint to the events that happened in Egypt as opposed to the accounts that have been read and taught by Europeans. Although the article is a different perspective it does show strong cultural bias and ethnocentrism towards the French people from the eyes of the Egyptians. The article shows bias in the tone it is written, the unkindness used to mock the French and the incomplete tales of the battles that took place.

The writings of Al-Jabarti show
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In the writings Al-Jabarti states that the French do not see eye to eye with any religion whole-heartedly but agree with parts of three different ones. He does not comment much on the way they act or on their persons but just on the things that his culture does not agree with. Al-Jabarti even goes so far as to ridicule or criticize Napoleon's name by saying that it is not even a name but giving its literal definition. In doing this, he is simply mocking Napoleon and making him out to be a fool and less of a great leader.

In this section of his writings Al-Jabarti corrects Napoleon's grammar and spelling in his Proclamation to the Egyptians. In between the corrections of grammar Al-Jabarti insults the French by saying things such as "It's occurrence here is like animal droppings on the road or a boulder in a mountain pass, may god afflict the man who composed it with break-bone fever and may god expose him to all sorts of destruction." (Al-Jabarti, 30) This comment is not necessary and is just to degrade the French in any way he can. This shows that his writings are biased and show a one sided or slanted point of view, hinting that the French are inferior to the Egyptians. He continues with this and criticizes the French system of government and that it is uncivilized for them to have a political body instead of a ruler, which would control all. This system is simply different to their own but the tone in which it is written shows

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