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Nowadays, online music is more popular than before. The Peer-to-Peer online music that was used by Napster became a huge legal barrier to this company up to closing down their business. New Napster's owner, Roxio, has been trying different strategies to cover increase their revenue and customers again. There are different strategies for Napster to increase its market share in this market. This report will provide few strategies that would be efficient for Napster to compete with their competitors specially Apple and Rhapsody.
In today's market is has becoming increasingly important for organizations to posses a strong brand name and reputation. People everywhere recognize Napster. Why? Because it was the first company to
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Napster needs to focus their efforts on media awareness to have their name become top of mind. Moreover, their partnership with many of the companies in the industry provides Napster with many venues to have its name well recognized. Target Market!
Napster has to focus on the primary target market first and then the second target market. The first target market is the current Napster's customer, young people and the second target would be the competitors' customers and elder people. It is important to know where the customers from and what characteristics they have. Napster can buy customers' habits and preferences by providing unique services (which will be explained in this report) to these customers. Hence, these customers would shift from using other competitors' services to Napster for having better service or gaining some benefits from Napster that they could not gain somewhere else.
With the decline in illegal file sharing, there is an opportunity for Napster. They need to find a way to tap into the new market of people making the shift to legal downloading. Perhaps, offering incentives to new users/members. Offering a small number of free downloads or offering a free trial of XM radio provides more incentives for a customer to venture out of what they know and try something new. Because iTunes already has strong brand loyalty and much importance within that

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