Narcotics Also Known As “Opioids” Are Defined As “A Drug

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Narcotics also known as “opioids” are defined as “a drug or other substance affecting mood or behavior and sold for nonmedical purposes, especially an illegal one” ( ). Narcotics are also defined as “any drugs that full the senses and commonly become addictive after prolonged use” ( A narcotic is a type of drug that is prohibited, used in violation of government restriction.

Narcotics can be taken in many different forms. It can be taken in tablets or capsules, like a pill. Or in skin patches, in powder to snort, or even in chunk a to be melted and injected like heroin (heroin is a …show more content…

The symptoms include low energy, irritability, agitation and anxiety. People trying to get themselves off of narcotics may experience runny nose and teary eyes, both symptoms of the common cold. More common symptoms include heat and cold flashes. And late onset symptoms include abdominal cramping, diarrhea, dilated pupils, goose bumps, nausea, and vomiting. These symptoms are not life threatening but can be very painful.

Narcotics can be used for medical purposes, in small doses narcotics can be very effective. They can be used as a painkiller, to dull the senses, and they can be used in anesthesia. While these can be very useful they also come with their share of dangerous side effects, causing constipation, and nausea.In large doses narcotics can be highly dangerous, causing stupor, coma, convulsions, or death. Also, all narcotics are addictive so with medical use, you are putting yourself at risk for addiction.

Narcotics are well known for releasing tension, calming anxiety, and aggression. Although narcotics provide a high, they also do bod things to corrupt the brain. Some of the bad effects are drowsiness and apathy. Another one of the effects is the inability to concentrate, this means you can 't drive high or do many everyday actions. If separated from the drug for a short period of time, the mind may become overwhelmed by the idea of just getting more of that specific drug.

Narcotics are a big

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