Prescription Opioids Overdose. Did You Know That 91 Americans

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Prescription Opioids Overdose Did you know that 91 Americans die every day due to an Opioid overdose and yet American’s still report no relief of pain? Since 1999 the number of deaths due to prescriptions opioid or heroin overdose has quadrupled ( Four out of five Americans turned to the black market for heroin, which initially started as an opioid drug addiction. It is an American crisis, due to the number of individuals that consume oxycodone, which accounts for eight-one percent of Americans ( Opioids Opioids are a type of drug that consist of a similar chemical structure as the illegal drug known as heroin and legally available through prescription drugs known as: hydrocodone,…show more content…
Naloxone is the drug of choice to reverse the symptoms of opioids overdose. The problem with opioids overdose, is that many individuals tend to mix other medications that are also central nervous system depressants, such as alcohol, muscle relaxers and other pain relievers. Opioid Epidemic Since 1999 to 2015 more than 183,000 people have died in the United States from overdose involving prescription opioids ( The number of deaths in the US, involving prescription opioids, has nearly quadrupled. The number of opioids overdose nearly equaled the number of deaths involved in a car accident and, surpassed gunshot homicides ( Death ages range from 45-years of age to 64-year-olds, and is highest among non-Hispanic whites, American Indian and non-Hispanic blacks. Kentucky was dealing with at least 50 overdose cases per day. At the National level, there are several states that had the highest unintentional deaths due to opioids and are predominantly rural states, such as West Virginia, New Mexico, Utah, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Kentucky and Tennessee ( Canada has become the second largest consumer of prescription opioids to the United States. Since 2007, 47,000 per year are due to drug overdose, and the numbers continue to grow. In 2015 has been a record high, in opioid overdose. Many doctors liberally

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