Narrative Essay About Australia Day

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Life can often take you in unexpected journeys. Australia Day is a day for Australians to enjoy themselves and remember significant events from Australia’s history. Young men have unique ways of enjoying themselves and sometimes end in unusual events. My friends and I found out such mysteries on Australia day 2014. Later that day we took our dog, Olive, for a walk. Her black hairs camouflaged into the darkness, and upon losing her, the group yelled at, the dog watcher, Henry as we watched his skin turn pale in embarrassment. On our search for Olive we noticed a figure, 50m ahead, mounted on top of a dual-cab hillux with a bull bar on the front. “Oi, we should get closer” yelled Patrick from the bush, where he was pissing. Patrick was interested in trucks, and like the bad boys we were, we said to one another “you go first” pushing each other to the front. As we edged closer towards this truck we discovered a dancing figure with an Australian flag wrapped tightly around. Pausing for a second, remembering Olive is lost, we promised to “be quick”. Sick of all the time wasting, the brash and dumb Charlie marches over, dragging us all along and speaks with his confident voice; “hey babe, who are you”. The “babe” quickly sinks the liquid contents inside the unfamiliar red tin, looks at all four of us and yells “It’s Britney Bitch”. The wolf pack, this is what we loved calling out group, looked at each other and in an uncanny moment we all screamed in excitement and began our
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