Narrative Essay About Fireworks

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A few years back on a partially cloudy 4th of July, it was an exciting day for me, my family and friends. For us celebrating Independence day is one of the highlights in our summer breaks. Arrangements are already sorted out for the day. The plan was to go to this viewing spot to watch a firework show. It wasn’t as perfect it could’ve been due to a complication. Spent the first half of the day being in my previous neighborhood using the small amount of fireworks we got. The place I lived at is a two-story apartment with four bedrooms, located half a mile near Central Middle School, and playing around in my community which is surrounded by free space, made it really pleasant to use the fireworks .
While waiting for our family friends to come over, we started a cookout to eat before going out. Whenever we have these at our place, it’s usually the same type of food containing BBQ, fish, beef, pork and vegetables. I always love it whenever people come over and just enjoy the time of eating with them in our backyard. During the large gathering, others drove out to buy fireworks before the stores closes later on and use them after we get back from the firework show.
Evening came and we took off to an area right next to Chinatown food market store and the City Market in multiple cars due to the large amount of people going, while my family of four including myself packed in our own car with my unlucky father driving. It seems like almost everything he does ends up without any

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