Narrative Essay About Golf Life

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This being my senior year and my last golf season I’ve had my goals set on winning a state championship. The past two years I have made it to state and my first year I wanted to win but it was more of a learning experience. Last year I was definitely attempting to win and I put way too much pressure on myself and I played absolutely terrible. After the major letdown of last year I wanted to work harder than I’ve ever worked to get back to state and win it. With that mindset I went into the summer knowing the work I had to put in to get where I wanted to be. I didn’t have the summer success I was hoping for and I actually became so frustrated that I thought about quitting because I was tired of putting so much work into something and not seeing any …show more content…

Fortunately I was able to get through the winter and get over acting like a sissy and when the start of golf season came around I wasn’t playing great but I was playing good enough that I knew I could practice hard and make it back to state. As golf season progressed I saw that the hard work I was putting in was paying off. Before state I had already won four times in the season and I was very hopeful and even confident I was going to go win state. When we made the trip down there I was super excited and just couldn’t wait to get started. During the first round I was playing really well through 14 holes and then from there until the end of the tournament it was terrible. I ended up getting 8th place and was very disappointed to end my high school career that way. After all the hard work I put in I was very disappointed in my efforts. I got over it though because instead of being sad I decided to work hard and become better than I’ve ever been. Now I’m trying to get ready for college golf next

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