Descriptive Essay On Halloween

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The day before Halloween everybody was ready and had their costumes ready and houses was filled with candy. One night I was out looking at all the decorations, but something was different at the White's house there was nothing there but a black cat at the door. The White’s usually always do decorations, but i thought they were still out looking for supplies for Halloween, but the black cat was new but very abnormal. I didn't want to go sneaking on someone’s else's property so I just moved along. Then I noticed that the cat was following me now I didn’t know why, but I didn’t like it so I started running. When I turned around the cat was still following but now running. I rushed back to my aunt’s house, but the cat was still following when I went in the cat had sat in the bushes and hid by the dark sky, but I had to get home by 10:00 or my mother was going to get erupt and I might be grounded. I looked out the window and didn’t notice the cat so I went outside and started to walk again but back to my house. I walked about 5 minutes, but then I heard a MEOW I turned around to see the cat sat down about 5 inches away so I started to run again, but I lived very far away and probably run out of breath so I just light jogged back to my house, it was 9:55 when I got home my mom was glad I got home in time before my curfew was due so went in and got a shower while I was in the shower, I heard my mom say “what is this little thing doing out here like this.” I didn't know

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