Narrative Essay About My First Day At School

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I was standing there looking at all the pictures of her, of Katy dreading the moment I have to walk through those double glass doors and see her lying there in the casket at the front of the dimly lit church. I can tell my mom did not want to go through the doors either. We both spent a few more moments looking at the pictures of Katy and it made me think of the first day we met. Katy and I met on our first day of fifth grade. I was brand new to the school, so I did not know anybody and I was super nervous because I did not know if I would be able to make any friends. I walked into the classroom and was trying to find my seat and Katy immediately walked up to me. Well sort of walked she was on crutches because she had a broken foot. She smiled and introduced herself and started to help me find my seat. Once we found my seat amidst the many desks and I settled in and we began to talk and we quickly became friends. Since we became such good friends later that year when her parents had to go out of town to help her older sister Katy stayed at my house for a few weeks and after that I no longer had a friend but I now had a sister. During the time she stayed at my house I realized that everyone sees the world differently and Katy saw the world in the best way possible. She saw the good in everything and just how beautiful it all is. I wish I could have taken how she saw things and make glasses out of it and wear them so I could see things how she saw it. My mom and I finish

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