Narrative Essay On A Car Accident

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Life is unpredictable and an accident can happen anytime. on our way back home from church my dad was driving a black 2012 Toyota Highlander, which is a family car that seven people can ride in it. My younger brother, Taw Nay Gay, and I were sitting on the seat behind the driver seat by the door. My other two younger brothers, Gay Nay Soe and Soe K Maw, sat in the seat behind me, and my mom sat in the front passenger seat. For the first time a nineteen year old girl like me started to believe that I had a reason to live and my life could be taken away anytime. This happened on October first 2017, 7:30 pm when we got into a car accident by the traffic lights intersection. Three cars were damaged, but everyone in the cars were fine. …show more content…

My Dad said, "I am okay". Another American man came and asked, " is everyone in the car okays? Me and my family was fine. It just that our car got damaged in the front but we can still drive." Asian man said, "me and my wife were fine too, but our car is not fine because we cannot move it." I remembered my friend Tim said when he got in to car accident he and the other driver were cursed and blamed each other about the accident. To me, I felt that they care about their car more than their life. And they must have forgotten that their cars were not as important as their life. Therefore, they put their cars first before them. Another accident that I remembered. Karen singer Gangyi was one of my first male favorite singer. I started to noticed his amazing voice when I listened to one of the song that he covers. The song called "The Prayer"; he sang this song with his sister May. Sadly, not long after I heard his song; I heard he passed away during car accident. "This guy passed away during the car accident not long ago. I saw some of my Facebook friends post about his death and his family must be really sad for loosed his precious son," my dad said. "Why must he leave the world so early at his young age? He had not sung more than ten songs yet. He just started to sing few song and he passed away after that?" I reply to my dad. The

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