Narrative Essay On A Trip To Mexico

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“Where are you headed?” What business do you have in Mexico?” asked the immigration agent in broken English. John didn’t really know why the hell he was visiting Mexico. This whole trip had been his brother’s idea. It was his brother’s way of celebrating his acceptance into law school. John didn’t really want to visit Mexico but his brother insisted. John and his brother, Trevor, had been inseparable since birth. They had identical features, but they were so different. John the introvert, Trevor the extrovert, but John wasn’t complaining. Without Trevor, John would not have half the memories he has. Trevor always seemed to be getting into trouble or doing something crazy, and he would always drag John with him. “We are going to explore a secret …show more content…

“Tell mom I love her,” said Trevor as he got up and attacked the man in the passenger seat. Trevor had managed to slip from the rope that bound his hands. In the vicious struggle for the weapon sitting in the man’s lap a shot had been fired piercing through Vicente’s head splattering blood and the particles of his remorseless mind on the driver’s side window. Vicente’s Tahoe was the first SUV in the lineup driving down the road. Without a living driver the SUV veered to the right off the road into the desert. As the Tahoe drove off the road Trevor won the battle for the rifle, quickly shooting and killing the man in the passenger seat. The truck slowed as it drove further into the desert. 500 yards later the Tahoe struck a cactus bring the Tahoe came to a stop. Trevor’s shaky hands released the bond that bound John’s hands. The other men were quickly approaching. “Live your life, for both of us,” said Trevor. “What are you saying we are going to both live our lives,” said John. “You have always been the smart one, you have a future, be somebody for us. I will get out the left door and you will get out the right door, I want you to run as hard as you can. Don’t look back, just run,” said

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