What Does Digger Mean

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Digger It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the grass was green, in middle of the yard was a trampoline. The net was black and the mat that covered the grey silver springs was a medium dark blue and has holes from the dogs going up and down and up and down. You could hear the paws go off the mat and makes the spring go back to it’s original position, I was doing a flip. Five minutes had passed before I heard a vomit noise that sounded like water coming down a faucet. Then I saw Digger, Digger was a golden retriever with dark eyes and a pink nose. His nose was pink because he would stick it in the sparkly white snow every white winter. Right there Digger was trying to tell me something, you just know that feeling. So I…show more content…
Whenever I got home from school I would think that I would see Digger right there by the door. But then I realized that he’s not there then I became so sad that I felt like my whole world just crumbled to pieces. I was standing on top of it with no one there to give me a big bear hug to make me feel better. But not that sad because I know that Digger will always be in my heart forever. Until the day that I die I know that I will see him again one day but until that day he will be in my heart. A week passed by and we could not live without a dog it felt like there were no animals in this world to comfort you. So we got two new know dogs, There names are Maya and Riley. Maya is a half black lab and half doberman and Riley is half red healer and half german shepherd even though they are not a big fan of one and another they still are amazing dogs. Digger has informed me that the things that you love the most will always stay in your heart even if they are not there by your side. This quote just means a lot to me “IF THERE ARE NO DOGS IN HEAVEN,THEN WHEN I DIE I WANT TO GO WHERE THEY WENT,” -WILL
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