Narrative Essay On Dracula

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Count Dracula “Max, Gypsy come out of the woods and back in the cabin Count Dracula is up!!!” yelled their Mom. “Coming!” Max yelled and the two twins ran back to their cabin. “Mom, can you tell us about the story of Grandpa Mark and his encounter with Count Dracula?” asked Max “You said you would the next time we came to our cabin in Nebraska.” “Ok, I guess,” she told the two twins “One day your Grandpa was going out in the woods to hunt for deer, he came upon a deer dead on the ground. He looked down at the deer to see what looked like two fang marks dung into the side of the deer. Wondering what had happened he looked around to find a trail of blood. When he followed the trail of blood to a dark cave. When he heard a sudden whoosh from inside and screeching the hair on the back of his neck began to rise. He walked in with his gun pointed forward. When he saw a shadow of a monster on the wall, he pointed the gun towards the shadow when a rat crawled out. Thinking of how silly he had been thinking there was something weird in the cave as he was walking out he suddenly was picked off the ground and banged against the wall falling unconscious. When he woke he found two red eyes staring straight at him. The eyes were nothing compared to the bats glistening fangs and huge size. He looked to see his gun behind his back. Slowly he picked it up, shot the bat and ran for all he was worth.” Finishing the story she told the two it was time to go to bed. “Okay, Mom,” Gypsy said. As
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