Narrative Essay On Fat Tony

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At the hospital, everybody in town including Mayor Price was rushing in to see if Vicky was going to be alright. With everyone piled into the waiting room, fear and panic filled everybody's heart. The doctor came out of the emergency room and said, "She is going to ok." He allowed only three people to go in to see her Mayor Price, Gem, and Trini. When they walked into the room Vicky was lying in the bed with the two pieces of paper still clutched in her hand. "Open it, Vicky said." With the press standing on the outside they could see what caused all this. Gem walked closer to the bed as she slowly reached for the wrinkled papers in Vicky's hand. When she grabbed the piece of paper her eyes widen. Gem turned to the Mayor and …show more content…

Over the next hour, the press was overall Mayor Price's face and office. Fat Tony mobilized into Chicago with great force ready to kill anyone who stands in his way. When he reached Wingdale High the military was already there waiting for their arrival. The army of the United States stationed a few troops to guard the inside of the …show more content…

On Fat Tony's side, there was about 9 wounded and 10 dead. They joined the other girls in a horizontal line to stop the gunshots from ever continuing. Many other people who went to Wingdale and worked there joined them on the line. As they joined in the line the police were on their way to arrest Fat Tony and his crew. During the distraction Fat Tony decided to go on the run from police. No one had time to go after Fat Tony and capture him There was a lot of bloodshed on Wingdale High's ground and people were upset. Nobody wanted this massacre to happen but they were looking at the dead bleeding bodies on the ground. EMS soon arrived at the Wingdale to clean up the bloody mess. Fat Tony's crew soon surrender and went to federal jail and Fat Tony's family that attended Wingdale went forced out of the school. Parents, students, teachers were happy to see that Wingdale was free yet again. Giving the news to the secret room of girls they ran outside rejoicing that the pain was finally

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