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Crouched under a mango tree trying to find shade from the scorching sun as sweat drips from my head to my feet, sizzling as it hits the ground.The temperature rises day by day in the summer I pray for rain to fall, looking at the stray animals on the streets in thirst for water. I stare off into distance of barren acres of land, touching the dry cracked soil and seeing lifeless crops die due to the boiling heat that I needed to take care of. As a young boy living in the rural areas of India in a middle class family everyone was taught at a young age to start working. Even though, I was the third child out of my four sibling it didn’t stop my parents from making me work out in the fields. It was tough having to do manual labor like doing field work to feeding and taking care of the animals everyday. As the roosters crow I wake up immediately and lay out my school uniform and shower, I comb my hair slicked back, put on my shoes and run off to school with my friends. I stopped going to school until the 10th grade because back in the day my parents wouldn't care that much about education like nowadays. It was more about harvesting corn in the summer to planting seeds in the winter. When I was around 20 years old my two older siblings got married and my family decided it was my turn. But my father tried to help me do something in life first rather than sit at home and drink or smoke so he opened a pharmacy but

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