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I never thought that I would be saving someone life from drowning. That was until my friends and I did help someone. Which was something that happened very fast.

It was my birthday; the sun was scorching hot and there was a cool breeze that kept blowing every few minutes. My friend called me to wish would be the best and told me that we should go fishing and I agreed. Upon our arrival to our usual spot, we notice that there was no one else there, which we liked that. We all spread out and began to cast out. Not long after we had gotten there a man came walking down the hill with a large cooler and a small grill on the cooler, behind him a woman followed and a kid as well. They placed their belonging down and all started to head to the river. After a while, I could tell two shadows walking away from the river. I didn’t turn around as I was focused on what I was doing.

I had my headphones in listening to music when I could hear something that was unusual. The sound was not coming from the music and I took my headphone off. That’s when I began to hear screams of despair. As I began to look around where the cry was coming from, I nudged my friend next to me. I looked at him with a worried face and asked him if he was hearing the cry too. From his facial expression and his head nod, I knew that I wasn’t the only one hearing the cry. As we grabbed the others attention to help us look for the direction of the cry. I was rammed down by a small

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