Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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Life is always compared to be like a roller coaster ride, having its ups and downs. The book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is an autobiography written by Fredrick Douglass. The book is written from his perspective of being a slave who hoped to be free someday. This autobiography occurs in the years 1835 to 1845 in Boston, Massachusetts. This book shows the roller coaster ride of going from slavery to freedom. In the beginning of this book, there is a preface which is told by a white person named William Lloyd Garrison. The reason for this is because it is stating that everything in the book is true. In this autobiography Frederick Douglass’ main goal is to teach people about the evils of slavery. Two main themes shown in this book are the wickedness of slavery, the influence of education, and the amount of suffrage slaves faced. Frederick Douglass starts his story with some information about his childhood, where he was born, and no knowledge about his age. Douglass is sent to work as a ship carpenter in Baltimore at the age of seven. He states that, "city slave is almost a freeman, compared with a slave on the plantation" (Douglass 34). The wife of his master, Hugh Auld, teaches Douglass the ABC’s. However, Hugh Auld puts a stop to this because Frederick won’t be considered a slave if he learns how to read and write. This situation inspires Douglass to pursue reading and learning. He would offer hungry white children bread to teach him how to read. Many…
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