Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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Life is always compared to be like a roller coaster ride, having its ups and downs. The book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is an autobiography written by Fredrick Douglass. The book is written from his perspective of being a slave who hoped to be free someday. This autobiography occurs in the years 1835 to 1845 in Boston, Massachusetts. This book shows the roller coaster ride of going from slavery to freedom. In the beginning of this book, there is a preface which is told by a white person named William Lloyd Garrison. The reason for this is because it is stating that everything in the book is true. In this autobiography Frederick Douglass’ main goal is to teach people about the evils of slavery. Two main themes shown in …show more content…

He is given to a man named Edward Covey. In the first months Douglass is whipped and pushed all of Douglass’ energy out of him. This is when Douglass fist fights Edward Covey. Edward Covey was most known for “breaking slaves. Mr. Covey drained all the desire Frederick ever had of freedom and learning. In the book Frederick describes this fight as, "You have seen how a man was made a slave; you shall see how a slave was made a man" (65-66).
Douglass is later owned by William Freeland for two years. While being enslaved here, Douglass, starts teaching slaves. Although they got many threats the slaves still went to Douglass to be taught. While under Freeland’s ownership Douglass among with other slaves plan their escape, however, somebody betrays them which cause them to be thrown into jail. Consequently, Douglass is sent back to Baltimore to learn the trade of ship caulking.Douglass avoids giving explanations of how he escaped. This was so he could protect the safety of other slaves who will attempt the same rollercoaster ride of escaping slavery. Douglass escaped to New York where he changes his last name Bailey to Douglass. He later marries and moves to Massachusetts. This is when Douglass becomes profoundly engaged in abolitionist movements.
The purpose that Frederick Douglass has for writing this book is a political purpose. This purpose was to

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