Narrative Summary Of Frederick Douglass

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The author of the narrative starts by first giving a vivid description of the protagonist’s birth and the circumstances that surrounded his birth. It is in the introduction that the author informs the readers about the fact that Douglass was born between the years 1817 and 1818, showing that he was not sure about the protagonist’s birth date. During this period, the environment that Frederick was born into is characterized by many cases of slavery. Slave traders used to buy even infant babies so long as they were male. As a result of this, the union between Frederick and his mother, named Harriet was short-lived because they were eventually separated a short period after his birth. In addition to that, the only source of hope to Frederick’s family is his father who works as a servant for a wealthy named who goes by the name Colonel Lloyd. The slaves in this area are confined to a huge plantation called the Great House Farm. It is hard to differentiate this estate from other slave camps in the sense that the farm is characterized by oppressive conditions. In this plantation, it is normal for the slaves to be overworked by their masters besides being provided with little or no food at all. In addition to that, there are few pieces of clothes if any that are supposed to be shared among hundreds of slaves. To make matters worse, the slaves are forced to sleep on the floor since their master does not provide adequate beds for all of them. Senior servants for the

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