Nasty, Brutish, And Short By Thomas Hobbes Essay

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“Nasty, brutish, and short”. Thomas Hobbes 's famously poetic description of pre-political life that is invariably repeated in just about every political science program throughout the Western world. It is a phrase that motivates a strikingly persuasive argument for the solution of government. For Hobbes, this is the State of Nature, and thus the precursory basis for human politics. However, his pessimistic view of the State of Nature has been refuted by other men of great intellectual influence. Another giant in the world of political theory, John Locke, has quite a different, more optimistic, view of what life in the State of Nature is like. In fact, Locke 's processes for the formation of government rely on rather different bases. The agreement is clear, however, that government is a progression from a more primal, basic state of pre-political life. What may not be so clear, however, is whether or not this State of Nature has ever truly existed. It seems to be left to opinion, at this point, as to whether or not it existed. After all, one cannot go backwards in time in search of this pre-political period. It is difficult to distinguish if there exists such a state is even possible today, if, by some misfortune, all government ceased to operate. There is large disagreement over how far-reaching and innate “political life” is tied with human nature. Whether or not it the State of Nature existed, however, is irrelevant when considering the direction that of which Locke 's

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