Nat Turner 's A Slave

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Nat Turner Courage to fight Nat Turner, once was a slave during the 1800’s that was known for his ideals that would change our country for an eternity. His ideas and beliefs may have sounded unusual or even crazy to everyone during his time, however, to Turner, he was in this world to do something great and life changing for his people. Nat Turner to my option is one of the most well-known and slave rebel in our history, and to this day, his actions are still remains a focus of disagreement. Although Turner’s revolt may have had some adverse effects to solve the problem of slavery, but it did do one thing for sure, it opened many American’s eyes to the issue. Slavery of African Americans, commonly called blacks, was an accepted part of our society during his time frame, and even though during this time it was not frowned upon, it still was not civilized or considered right in anyway. To my opinion, from what I read the opinion of many others that, it was the unjust and hurtful treatment of the slaves by their masters during the 1800’s that eventually led to not only Turner’s slave revolt, but it also was a big help in the movement to abolish slavery. On October 2, 1800 Nat Turner was born in Southampton, in the small town of Jerusalem in Virginia. Turner’s mother was one of hundreds of thousands native Africans enslaved and sent to North America around 1807-1808. While most of the Africans Americans during this time came from West Africa, Turner was supposedly from the

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