Nathaniel Hawthorne 's Young Goodman Brown

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In “Young Goodman Brown,” Nathaniel Hawthorne depicts man’s struggle with his faith as outside influences reveal religious hypocritical ideals. Hawthorne starts the story with Goodman Brown talking with his wife, Faith, who is the symbol of his religious faith about his up coming journey into the forest, symbolizing his first step into straying from his faith. Hawthorne continues with more obvious implications of Brown straying from his faith when he encounters his travelling companion who represents the devil. As he constantly stops or attempts to go back Goodman Brown shows how he struggles to reconcile outside pressures with his inner beliefs. Hawthorne further shows the breaking point in Brown by the falling of Faith’s ribbon in the…show more content…
Then she says she has nightmare or “troubled dreams” which has a sense of foreshadowing that there are troubles with Brown’s journey. She begs him to “pray” with her every night which supports that she represents his religious faith. In Goodman Brown’s reply it shows that he doesn’t recognize that his trip is not going to change anything. It shows that he sees that this trip is just a simple trip he has to go on in secret for it is the best time but that fact shows that it is already questionable to morality for not many good things happen in trips of the night. The last part shows Brown thinks faith believes he is betraying her with this journey, which tells that Brown is going to betray his Faith and his religious beliefs that she represents. Brown first strays from his faith by leaving his wife to go on his journey despite her begging him not to and her fears of his journey may become true by the events that take place. Brown has already left Faith at their home to journey into a dark forest that none of his family has entered before where he meets a travel companion who continues the journey with him. Hawthorne wrote:
“You are late, Goodman Brown,’ said he. “The clock of the Old South was striking as I came through Boston, and that is full fifteen minutes agone.’...As nearly as could
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