National Employment Law Project ( Nelp )

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Garwie Diep
Professor Jeffries
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NELP National Employment Law Project (NELP) is a social movement group that aims to give everyone an equal chance at employment. Their mission statement is to fight for laws that create decent jobs, work, protection, and to help support low-wage employees. Their primary way to enact social change is by getting support of the masses and using logos to help support their cause and get attention. The people fighting for NELP use signs that have logic and relate to other people who are struggling to help gain their attention and more support. Their core membership includes people who are discriminated in pay or jobs and those who are working for low-wages. They’re currently fighting to raise the minimum wage, create more jobs for the unemployed, reform the federal overtime law, and provide equal opportunity in getting a job.
NELP appeals to the people by using a logical appeal in their articles, campaigns, and speeches. Their reason is to help educate people about how common it is to be discriminated against in the workplace and help people realize that the minimum wages given to the working class are not enough to support their family. Their use of statistics, graphs, and number helps show the people that it’s not just them who are struggling. They want to appeal to the masses by using logic to show that everyone who’s in working class is struggling to get by and the government needs to do something to help. Katrina…

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