National Relations and Mental Side Effects of War

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The Cold war occurred around the end of the 19th century, it tightened the already strangling hold around the US and USSR (Russia) relationship. The two great nations came within seconds of launching an all out nuclear war on each other; the scene was observed by all and feared by all. The writer Joseph Masco says “It is important to recognize that this technical capacity to deliver overwhelming violence to any part of the world in mere minutes has relied on structures of the imagination as well as on machines”. In that time millions of citizens witnessed the tremendous power of a nuclear bomb going off in Japan; the simple thought of an all out war between the world’s two biggest countries put enough fear to stop time. Masco also argues “But if the bomb has been crucial to constituting US ‘superpower’ status, it has also produced a complex new domestic affective political domain”. After the US dropped the atom bomb on Japan, the nation was feared because of the massive power one bomb holds within itself. Now that two major countries harnessed the power of the bombs shook the very world to its core. If the US and USSR launched a full scale nuclear war everything would be leveled on the face of the earth. The cold war destroyed many people’s hold on sanity and reality because of the power of the nuclear bombs that were created; the shear strength just one holds can take a nation off the map. The Korean War pushed the bar on psychological warfare even further, for the whole

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