National Security Shaped The Constitutional Balance Since 1789

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1. How have the imperatives of national security shaped the constitutional balance since 1789? Has presidential authority….. The founding fathers intended for a United States government to be run significantly through the legislative branch, and to encompass the majority of domestic and foreign matters of governance. However since 1789 the forces and imperatives of national security have been shaped foreign policy matters to be the focus and responsibility of the President and the Executive branch of government. Presidential actions of key Presidents such as George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan to manipulate the interoperations of the constitution regarding Presidential power have contributed to a gradual trend of presidential authority in the international arena steadily usurping congressional prerogatives, yet, the Presidency has not become an imperial power, because of checks and balances. When George Washington made his 1794 Proclamation of Neutrality, he was acting with the Perspective that its is find to let Congress lead the nation is many aspects, and discuss all US actions, but that the security of the Nation should have a single decider who operates within the balance of powers, but can make a decision, when the legislative branch would spend to much time debating policy. All presidents to ever follow Washington adopt the ideology he sets for the presidency. He will interpret the constitution in ways that enable him to act as
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