Nationalism And Perspectives Of People About Nation Can Bring Revolution

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1. Ever wondered how nationalism and perspectives of people about nation can bring revolution in the society?, First of all nationalism can be taken as both positive and negative ways. For instance, being faithful to your country is acceptable but when you cross your limit in order to degrade another race, culture or to show that you are the dominant one, that’s when it becomes negative and delivers a wrong message among other people. Phases of nationalism kept on changing as the time passed in Europe. It all started in year 1800s and continued until World War II, where they saw all negative and positive effects of nationalism. Starting from Abbe Sieyes who was with Third Estate(Third estate were all those people who weren’t a clergy or …show more content…

He stated,
“What is the third estate?- Everything.
What has it been until now in the political order? Nothing.
What does it want? To become something.” (Sieyes, Lualdi 113).
His statement give readers an idea of the situation of third estate and how ready they are to gain a position in society. He believed that nation is a group of people living under same rules and regulations carried out by the same legislature. Further, he stated that since third estate is everything, they can claim to be part of the nation, who will follow same rules. The motive of that nation would be to develop the individuals as the nation is made of them. Now coming onto Mazzini who thought that upper classes always used the lower classes. He believed that people in the society, people should say “we” and not “I” to reduce the possibilities of conflicts between classes. Upper classes always used the word “us” to get their work done by the lower classes and once they got their work done, they went back to showing their dominance and using “I” and degrading the lower classes and make them feel like nothing. People should come together and should concentrate both on society and individual growth as as a group of individuals will become members of the society and, he stated that “if right to existence is the first inviolable right of every man, who shall demand the sacrifice of that existence for the benefit of another man” Having equal

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