Native American Creation Stories Summary

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What is a reasonable explanation for the purpose of the Native American Creation Stories? Explain the obvious differences in the effects of the creation stories being delivered in the traditional oral tradition as opposed to being read as one written narrative. Think about what happens when stories are told orally and as a "people" instead of from a single author's point of view. How reliable are the narratives as translations of oral tales? What is a reasonable explanation for the purpose of the Native American Creation Stories? For this problem, our first and most obvious explanation is that the Native American Creation Stories allowed for history to easily be passed through oral traditions, as they had no print tradition (See page 7). …show more content…

Seen as an explicit example on page 55, it could be said that tribes decided to join one European side or another and target not only Europeans but rival tribes for the benefit of having a chance to exact revenge for perceptions of past crimes that one people had done to another. Many tribes indeed viewed European invaders with disdain, but either due to a recognition that war would mean massive losses, or a hope that being on the “right” side of the Europeans would reap massive benefits, which could not be claimed by other rival …show more content…

Pages 45-49 explain in detail the cultural climate of one particular tribe, whose practices in terms of communal living were thought to be wide spread. This meant that hospitality was a particularly strong value. Another key to understanding this odd dynamic is that according to Howard Zinn's a People's History of the United States, property and land ownership were somewhat foreign concepts, so even invasion was not particularly contemptible for a number of tribes (Do take note, more agriculturally oriented tribes may have had different views than gatherer tribes). 3. Identify the Spanish name of the Indian slave system, and discuss the origins and history of the system as described by early accounts. Be sure to include how it came in existence and how it transformed. Also discuss how it affected the Native population and who replaced the

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