Native American Cruelty Essay

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For many years Native American removal has caused a lot of pain and suffering for many Indians in America. How we have treated Native Americans in the past is an embarrassment to our history. Removing Native Americans from their land when we first settled here was wrong because we caused them a lot of hardships, took something from them that wasn’t ours to take, and in the end we all the pain and suffering we caused them was really for nothing. People still believe today that taking away their land was the right thing to do because they think that we were technically the first people to settle here so it was rightfully ours to take. How people thought about the Native Americans when we first settled just shows you how ignorant we were …show more content…

Because of how bad they treated them the Native Americans began to revolt and even waged wars against the colonists. But in the end the colonists still took control over them and made them leave their lands that they had lived on for centuries. The Native Americans were here long before the Spanish had even thought to start exploring the world. Historians believe that Native Americans crossed over a bridge of land that connected Siberia to Alaska during the Ice Age. So technically Native Americans were the first people to settle here in America. When the Spanish and English came over to begin settling it was wrong of them to assume that just because they could over power the Natives that they had a right to take away their land. None of the land was theirs to take because the Native Americans were here first. Indians had a different way of looking at land ownership than the English and Spanish. They believed that land was not something that you could own or possess but that it was a gift from their gods and goddesses: No tribe has the right to sell, even to each other, much less to strangers.... Sell a country! Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the earth? Didn't the Great Spirit make them all for the use of his children? The way, the only way to stop this evil is for the red man to unite in claiming a common and equal right in the land, asit was first, and should be now, for it was never divided." We gave them

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