Native American Genocide Essay

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Native American Genocide project Essential Question: Why do terrible things happen and what can be done about it? The genocide I want to research is the Native American. I would like to research this because I have always been interested in Natives/Indians since I was little and I want to know how cruel it was for the Natives and why the Americans wanted to kill them and use them as slaves. Many people have said that the natives have had the worst genocide of them all. The Natives Culture, land, Natural resources, and their very lives were taken away from them. As wave after wave of the Europeans came to America, all of the natives were forced off of their land. Fifty years after Christopher Columbus had landed in the Bahamas, the…show more content…
Since the Natives stood in the way of unlimited access to North America, the english said that they had to be eliminated, and so they were. There is no Exact place that this Genocide had taken place. The targeted Native American groups are Aztec, Arawaks, Taíno, Creek, and more. They were targeted because the americans and the spaniards exploded in population and and they just wanted to expand for more land, Which wiped out most of these native American groups and also made some groups go extinct. The people that targeted these groups were the Europeans, Spaniards, spain, and the Americans. After the genocide the natives and the americans signed an agreement to fair rights and other things. The ones responsible were not punished and the genocide is not ongoing. In 1703, Massachusetts had made the law that gave people the right to shoot any Native that they come across. This pattern of cruelty was repeated over and over again through New England. By the 1800s, 95 percent of the Native Americans have been killed and this genocide had taken the length of 100 years. In 1830, a year after Andrew Jackson was elected president in 1829 the United States Congress had passed the Indian Removal Act. The act had ordered the Native Americans to be relocated in the west. Thousands of Natives from the Southeast and Southwest were rounded up and moved to the west. The government had taken the land and had forced them to march into Kansas, Nebraska, and
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