Native Americans And American History

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Native Americans do not experience enough social, political, and economic equality today because their stereotypes are portrayed in media, they do not have enough government representation, and they are not as well off as most Americans. Education plays a big part in how Native Americans are represented. Many schools, according to “The Coddling of the American Mind,” are overprotective of their students, thus censoring and limiting some important topics that students are required to learn. This may cause some students to be very sensitive and weak-minded because they are not exposed to reality. Some colleges and universities are prohibited from using or showing things that may trigger a panic attack such as rape, domestic violence, or racism. Without proper education, people will not be open-minded and only see one side of things. Some people may see Native Americans as influential and extraordinary people, while others may see them as barbaric and inferior. Some states are even considering not teaching Native American History. In South Dakota, high school students are not required to study Native American History next year. They are still required to take U.S. history, but they “may choose one of three courses…Early U.S. History, Modern U.S. History or Comprehensive U.S. History” (Roetman). Without knowledge of Early U.S. History, students would not know the genocide and prejudice Natives had to face when Christopher Columbus’ landed in the Americas, and the
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