Native American Underrepresented Essay

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Represented as a minority in America, Native Americans are underrepresented in many ways in media. Like any other ethnic group, they are stereotyped, and portrayed in a certain way that makes them look a way. Historically marginalized so that many aren’t aware of the pressure that they are putting on the underrepresented in America. Statistically shown, Native Americans respectively have proven that compared to other American groups, they feel relatively invisible. One of the great ironies in life is how America is so proud to become a melting pot to those who are willing to be a part of the contribution to American life. Does this even include the various groups that represents American society? Associated with wearing skins, living in teepees, and riding horses Native Americans are viewed as ‘country’ and lack of knowledge. Shown as dumb and have a lack of formal education, most of them live in poverty invested areas. Because of this, they feel that “one representation is better than no representation.” When a group feels underrepresented their psychological relevance and has a toil on the overall ethnic group and can make a difference in lives. Inaccurate and negative representations of Native Americans can be detrimental to the overall perception to the race in general. Being historically marginalized in American, even today not much is being done to credit the Native Americans for their discovery of America. Over 30% of these Indians live below the poverty level

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