Native Americans And The American Government Essay

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Throughout history, Native Americans have been victimized by Americans and the American Government. Native Americans were here long before the English settlers found and migrated to America. They tried to buy the land from Native Americans, and money was not important to them so they refused. Over time this costed a lot of Native American lives and most of their land was taken from them. Native Americans were immensely mistreated in the 1900’s by white Americans and are still being wronged by deceiving history in textbooks and other learning aid. The sources used were Dances with Wolves, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (BMHWK), Forget Columbus, The Vanishing American, and Silencing California Genocide in Social Studies Texts(SCGSS). Dancing with Wolves is about an officer is the US Army. He gets stationed on the West front and everyone has abandoned the fort, so he stays there until more soldiers get there. He becomes close with the neighboring Indian tribe and becomes one of them. He starts to live through the struggles that they have to live through being Native Americans. BMHWK is a movie about the white Americans trying to buy land from the Native Americans and trying to civilize them by giving them white names and teaching them white education. Forget Columbus is a chapter within The Inconvenient Indian that talks about the fallacious history regarding Whites vs Indians. He thinks there is a lot of made up history and history not told, for American favor. The

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