Native Americans During The European Settlers

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America--a promising land for the European settlers was a home to many Native Americans tribes. Slowly, as settlers migrated to the U.S, they began to expand into lands owned by the Native Americans for hundreds of years back. Before the civil war, Native Americans had initially welcomed European settlers as they believed in sharing the land with the newcomers. They would help the settlers in their travel across the plains by providing supplies and expert advice on location. In return, European settlers introduced horses and weapons to the Native Americans tribes to which they were very grateful. Many Indian tribes were excellent farmers and grew variety of staple crops such as maize, beans, and squash. They would also hunt bison as they were sought after for their spiritual guidance, food, shelter, fuel, and clothing. Although the bison was such an important part of their lives, it was hard for the tribes to migrate alongside buffalo herds on foot. However, with the introduction of horses, this was no longer an issue as they were able to swiftly cross the plains and back to hunt for bison. Soon after, even with the helpful attitude of the Native Americans, the white settlers saw native tribes as savages and wanted to force them out off their lands. Their religion and culture was very different from the settlers and thus was inferior in their eyes. Indians were considered less intelligent because they had no knowledge of building proper houses and didn’t know how to

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